2Inch announces his star power with debut single, ‘Sweet Potato’ and EP, ‘Grass To Grace’


2inch joined the industry in 2010 under the stage name “KRD” but later changed the name to his current name when he decided to rebrand.

The singer who hails from Ogere Remo in Ogun State debuted with the song, “Sweet Potato” where he sings enthusiastically about his love interest and promises her the good life.

The song which was produced by Olumix was a fusion of melodic riffs that paints a beautiful love story.

The music video highlights spectacular landscapes with 2inch and the video vixen as the main protagonists.

During the Shaku-Shaku craze in 2018, he released the groovy and electrifying song “Jabo.” He gained new fans as a result of the song, which revealed a street-hop side to him. Jabo had catchy phrases and paid homage to the street.

2Inch didn’t stop there, he launched an EP titled “Grass to Grace” in 2019 which featured Olumix and Jaywon.

Just like some popular Nigerian Artists, 2inch started singing from the Choir during his teenage years. This help lay the foundation of what would be a blossoming music career.

While 2inch is mostly an Afropop artist, he is a versatile singer who is able to create or jump on any trends and perfectly deliver.

Currently, the Amapiano sound has been taking over the Nigerian Music scene and The singer is set to drop a banger which is an Amapiono-infused tune titled “Ka Fire”.

2inch has performed in various events one of which is the DJ Oskabo Concert.


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