5 memorable quotes from Netflix’s YASUKE


What makes Yasuke more special is the true-life legend; a man of African origin who served as a Kashin under the Japanese daimyō Oda Nobunaga in 1579.

While several elements of this production are creatively brought to life by LeSean Thomas beneath all the elements, the inspirational storyline and bloody action that makes this animation not completely suited for kids. The script-writing this story travels through tops it all!

Whether it is character monologues, dialogue, or villains gloating; Here are 5 memorable lines that stick after the finale of this 6-episode series.

5) “The past It informs our future”- Yasuke (Episode 2)

Saki, who is oblivious of her birthplace is replied with this statement when she struggles to come to terms with her psychic powers.

This line is more special because it isn’t entirely all about Saki as the audience might assume. In fact, it has more to do with Yasuke; Who deals with the guilt of slaying his lord as “Mercy-killing”.

4) “I hear the pain in your voice behind those strained threats. The pain of an outcast forever marked by their skin. No matter how skilled in battle or honourable you proved yourself to be. I’ve felt it too. But unlike you. The dulled-eye masses hatred of anything they don’t understand. But unlike you, I embraced my pain. Forged it into a weapon” -Kurosaka (Episode 4)

Do you know what’s cooler than a bad-ass villain?

A badAss villain who has a philosophy to their evil.

Kurosaka attempts to intimidate Yasuke with words before dragging her deadly sword on him. Unfaced, Yasuke replies in a sarcastic tone that sets the stage for this epic fight.

“You know you could just tie a blade to a stick. It’ll be a lot easier”

3 If we must give our lives, then we do so proudly in the temple of our ancestors.- Oda Nobunga (Episode6)

This line symbolizes honour, pride in heritage, and courage in the face of death.

The drive for Daimyo ‘the monstrous villain’ is to acquire Saki’s power for himself despite the amount of power he has. While he basks and takes what he thinks is left of Saki’s power, the extent of Saki’s endurance is strongly confirmed as she obliterates him right after Daimyo says these words to her.

2) I cannot understand it. The insistence in believing in these illusions, when the true relation of nature remains what it has always been. Power!- Daimyo(Episode 6)

Yasuke embodies the virtues of a good fighter;

Fearlessness, Skill, loyalty, and wisdom which he drops nuggets of from the first minutes of the pilot.

1) ‘A true warrior prays for peace’- Yasuke (Episode 1)

What do you think of these quotes?

“If you haven’t seen Yasuke does this make you want to watch it?

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