5 things wrong with Zack Synder’s ‘Army of the Dead’


Judging from the visual experience his previous movies (Sucker Punch, Man of steel, 300, etc) has; Zack Synder is one of those filmmakers that make art for themselves and themselves alone.

Despite earning a 57% rating on Metacritic, ‘Army of the dead’ is not a complete flop.

After days of its release, some fans even clamour for a sequel, but beneath that is hopes that Zack Synder can fix the major flaws in this lengthy picture of loose ideas.

  1. Poor inciting incident: In literature, a good inciting incident is one that the characters have no control over, or have no means of preventing from occurring. But a newly wedded couple having oral sex while driving colliding with a transport convoy is something that could have been evaded. 
  2. Lack of proper story foundation: One would’ve expected to get information on where the first zombie came from but that information is never given. I mean! Where did the Zombies come from Zack?!
  3. Unnecessary long scenes: Although the intention of the lengthy conversations is to build character development through dialogue. But was sabotaged by their drive to get their hands on the 200 million dollar cash. 
  4. Lack of character development: The only character backstory with got were photoshoots of the main characters. Creative but Lazy.
  5. Inadequate Exposition: For an apocalyptic movie with the touch of dystopia and sci-fi there is so little information given as to why the zombies had emotions. How do their physiology work? Why are they inactive during the day? etc.These elements shouldn’t be left out.

However, for a $90 million budget movie, the CGI of ‘Army of the dead’ is realistic. The casting was wonderful.

Sadly, the good execution of this shallow film material is not enough to claim any rewatch value.

Have you seen ‘Army Of The Dead’? Did you like it? Reach out to me. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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