7 clever lines that cements Buju as a ‘songwriter ahead of his time’


Whether it is in a verse, hook or chorus, here are seven lines that have become popular in the social media-sphere to become words on marble.

7. “If to say nah man be God he go shenk you”– DTS Heaven (Feat Buju)

In a verse of just 43 seconds, Buju initiates a direct comparison between the sinister nature of men and God’s faithfulness with a ghetto-gospel theme in this Afro-soul tune.

6. “Ogogoro be like woman if you shak am you go high!”– Cool kids

As stated in his 2018 single before his recent nationwide sensation; what makes this line iconic is the hint of sarcasm inside the sentence structure. The ‘subject’ and the ‘object’ of the sentence if read reversely passes the same message even with a deeper tone. “Woman be like Ogogoro if you shak am you go high!

5. “As long as say you dey for me, I’ll make sure I’ll give you my money”– Mind games Ejoya & Buju.

In some tracks, Buju is a stone-cold playboy while in a few like Mind-games he is the sweet loverboy that is every Naija girl’s dream. Unlike Davido’s blind Assurance line in Mind games, (produced by Ejoya) Buju’s assurance is in return for something else, ‘Loyalty’. An attribute we can agree is rare these days in the relationship zone.

4. “Buju sing-song! Cause music is the only thing that can never bring pain”– Catch a Vibe

The purest moment of an artist’s journey is the juvenile stage, and this verse confirms it. As an upcoming creative, your craft is one thing that should never bring you pain. Buju knows this! I know this, Do you?

3. “Girl as long as the Hennesy for my cup never finish, wetin I feel, I go talk am finish”– Confident (Savage & Buju)

There is nothing philosophical about this verse. In fact it indirectly preaches a negative message on the reliance on alcohol or pills to be expressive. Perhaps that’s the point Buju is trying to make as he caresses his ego. However, for the average listener, all that is heard is the slippery rhyme that gets one hooked onto this three-minutes song from the first few seconds.

2. “No come use your reggae spoil my blues and rhythm now”– Feeling

Over the years, ‘self-love’ has become a term in which Gen-Z’s have no concrete knowledge on but not Buju.

Self-love has been explored by Nigerian artists in recent times and oftentimes it’s addressed, it is complimented with rants, subtle disses to management and open shots to toxic fanbases. Songs like Peace of mind REMA, Leave me alone AMAARAE, Take a break ODUNSI(the engine) just to mention a few.

But (Wizkid & Skepta’s 2018’s holiday anthem “Bad Energy stay far away” is a track that expresses self-love without toxic breaths around it. just as Buju delivers in the chorus of this airy experience of the song ‘Feeling’.

It is Clear! No use your reggae spoil my blues & rhythm now”.

1.“If you no get money e dey kill idea”- Outside

I have this line written boldly on my bedroom wall, scribbled faintly on my class desk, this line is even worthy of being aesthetically tattooed on one’s skin; and that’s no exaggeration.

Ever since his break in 2019 with spiritual (feat Zlatan) The 22 year old singer has experienced rapid growth in his career which has obviously made marks on his emotional well-being and he will spare no emotion nor philosophy in his music production in upcoming projects to come.

In a recent tweet, Buju promised fans bragging rights, which has stirred speculations about more collaborations, an EP or possibly an album! Here’s advice, whichever it is, as you stream, grab writing materials and take some notes.

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