Actress blames Nollywood producers for high rate of bleaching in industry


Nnaji insists filmmakers prefer to hire light skinned actresses than invest in good cameras.

Nollywood actress, Charity Nnaji has called out Nollywood producers for the disturbing trend of actresses bleaching their skins.

In a viral Instagram post, the actress accused filmmakers of encouraging colorism in the industry as it is cost effective for them.

“Movie producers are the reason for the high rate of bleaching in this industry…Invest in good cameras to shoot your films you refuse, now you want girls to bleach their a** out before your movie can come out colorful in Africa Magic and co,” Nnaji wrote.

Charity Nnaji's Instagram post [Instagram/@nnajicharity_]
Charity Nnaji’s Instagram post [Instagram/@nnajicharity_]

Nnaji’s comment will not be the first in recent times to address alleged colourism in Nollywood.

Recall that a few months back, award-winning actress Ivie Okujaye called out casting directors for making comments about her dark skin tone. Unconfirmed reports making the rounds among industry members suggest light skinned actresses are hired more than their dark skinned counterparts.


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