African Girl Magic: Debut visual project from the Sagacity Studios


Now focusing on the female aspect of the humans. Scientifically women have been proven to have more complex emotion ranges, hence a women can express feelings or show emotions in variants(variety of ways).

For the fact alone that women are more emotionally complex beings, they get very unstable emotionally. hence they have a natural fragile mind state due to lot of mixed feelings and complicated sentiments.

In various cultures and societies in the world today, women have found various ways of expressing these complex emotions. The culture and philosophy of a woman has a lot to do with how intricate the coping mechanism of a woman’s emotional state is designed, her environment also plays an Important role and a determining factor on the type of behavioral pattern she would emulate or exhibit.

These behavioral pattern have variants and mediums where these complex mind states are channeled, it could be constructive or otherwise. She can also express her emotions artistically like paintings, music, fashion, Poetry, Drama and so on.

In different ages women, though in sparse numbers have strived and attained success remarkably. This feat was attained through women who portray their identity as an entity that find creative channels that pass Messages that are constructive to the evolution of humanity.

The world in its entirety, has witnessed different Cultures,eras, civilizations and times where some “game changing” moments, that have in turn sealed the fate of events has happened with the involvement of women.

Though since the earliest of human existence, men mostly have being tasked with the duty of playing the sole role of the ruling body, the role of the women is as equal just like the stage is to the performer or as the importance of the spinal cord to the brain and nervous system as a whole.

In every facet and sphere of life her presence is fundamentally elemental. Whether she is from Asia, The Americas, The Artic, Australia or Africa it doesn’t undermine her capabilities. Rather it diversify and enhances her abilities. Of which, we all today have also witnessed how it has shaped the world as we know it.

Let’s go down to Africa, together with it’s Diverse rich cultures, thousands of tribes and languages. In the historical times powerful women sprang forth who controlled l the affairs of the subjects and reigned as sovereign rulers.

The Queen of Sheba is a perfect example of African women who played a big role in the development of their society. Originally a Queen who’s “Axum empire” which geographically covers Ethiopia, Yemen, and probably part of the Arab states. Historical books and texts make reference to her as a perfect definition of a leader, in intelligence, elegance, strength, resilience and also a human who yearns for more knowledge.

These traits are peculiar to all humans, but in African women it is displayed uniquely, individually. The basic story is that the Queen of Sheba was a woman of immense wealth and power.

Considering her wealth, it’s assumed that she controlled major trade routes, as well as some impressive gold mines. In all accounts, she’s described as offering lavish gifts of gold, spices, and other valuable items as part of her diplomatic interactions.

The Queen of Sheba was also renowned for her cleverness, intelligence, and wisdom, appearing in religious texts as a potential equal to Solomon, the 10th century BCE king of Israel, generally upheld as the wisest figure in Jewish history.

It’s important to remember that Solomon lived long before Christianity and Islam established themselves as religions, both of which have a shared history with Judaism.

Women have played an equal part of moulding it’s society. In every area Let’s take a peek into the showbiz empire and the entertainment world, with the likes of Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Janelle Monáe, Lupita Nyong’o, Angélique Kidjo and others involving themselves in the black power movement and human right activism.

This has shown us how African women locally, and in diaspora have been a driving force also. Becoming a catalyst in the redefining of ideals and innovations and rooting for advanced learning and the development of humanity.



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