AVATAR: James Cameron and his cast went homeless in preparation for the upcoming sequels


The film follows a social and cultural conflict between the nature-worshipping Na’vi people, who live on the planet Pandora and humans attempting to reverse decades of climate change damage on Earth.

And As humans progress in harvesting a mineral native to the Na’vi’s home world, war breaks out.

The vast galaxies in ”Avatar” complemented by aesthetic blue skin the alien-like characters exhibit, require special effects to bring to life on screen. This has proven to be no small feat considering the behind the scenes clips all over youtube.

The director James Cameron recently discussed with fellow director Denis Villeneuve (Dune) over Zoom for Variety, where the pair delved into the long-awaited ‘Avatar’ sequels and how Cameron prepared his cast for shooting.

Cameron explained that he took the ‘Avatar’ series cast on what he refers to as ”a sense-memory odyssey” so they could have an idea of what the audience would see on screen. He said that they set up camp in a rainforest and lived there for several days ”[cooking] in underground fire pits” and ”[drinking] water from the leaves”.

The Titanic director also added, ‘‘I said, ‘All right, we’re going to walk up a trail, and I want you to observe as much as you can about how you place your feet, how you place your hands when you go up a steep section. You’re going to have to remember it, what it felt like, what it smelled like, and you’re going to have to bring it back into a relatively sterile environment.’

”Avatar 2” is slated for release soon.


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