Bad Boy Timz accuses former label, Anonymous music of falsity, mischief and defamation


In the letter, it is claimed that Bad Boy Timz only exercised his right to terminate his recording and performance contract with with Anonymous Music because of a breach of contract.

The letter, which is directed at Temple Egemasi and Precious Egemasi, directors of Anonymous Music documents how Bad Boy Timz was sued for breach of contract by Anonymous Music, to the tune of NGN60 million.

The latter also claims that the video that was leaked to Instablog9ja – which Temple Egemasi has allegedly apologized for in private – is libelous.

BadBoy Timz and his team have since demanded an apology from the aforementioned directors of Anonymous Music. They also demand that the apology be published in three newspapers alongside a payment of NGN200 million for the alleged libelous video published on Instablog9ja.

It is claimed that failure to meet any of those terms will result in a NGN900 million libel suit against the aforementioned directors of Anonymous Music and their company itself.

You can read details of the claim below;

On May 17, 2021, a video of Bad Boy Timz getting handcuffed and led by a band of policemen surfaced on Instablog9ja. The news was that the Headies-winning artist was accused of defrauding his label and a show promoter in Abuja, Nigeria.

A headline on Instablog9ja read, “Singer BadBoy Timz arrested in Abuja for allegedly defrauding his record label and show organizers.

In the head of the moment, a friend of Bad Boy Timz’s swiftly moved to quell the news via a post.

On May 22, 2021, a statement showed up on Anonymous Music HQ, the presumed social media handle for Anonymous Music, a record label to which Bad Boy Timz is associated.

“The statement reads, “The management of Anonymous Music is aware of the reports that an Artiste signed to Anonymous Music (the “Label”) was arrested in Abuja for allegedly defrauding the Label and other parties.

“Anonymous Music entered into an exclusive 5-year Recording and Performance Contract (the “Contract”) with Olurunyomi Oloruntimilehin Timothy A.K.A BadboyTimz the “Artiste” in 2019.

“By the exclusive nature of the Contract, the Artiste is not permitted to, amongst other things, engage in features, collaborations, recording of masters (songs), performances and/or production of records/recordings with persons other than the Label, without the consent or authorization of the Label.

“The Label since the inception of this contract has diligently sponsored, financed and promoted every aspect of the Artiste’s music career during this period. Under the management of the Label, the Artiste has received national accolades and nods from local and international stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

“We therefore find it quite unfortunate and a sad turn of events that the Artiste and his manager, one Jerry Adibe of Slippery Entertainment (the “Manager”), are suspected of being involved in, what appears to be, the diversion of monies owing, belonging and accruing to the Label for their personal use.

“The Label has reported its suspicions to law enforcement; out of respect for the Law and for the love of music and the entertainment industry. The Label has no interest in this development beyond a desire to see that truth and justice prevails.

“However, we feel that it is also our duty to inform the general public (including promoters, producers, booking agents and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry) to exercise due caution when dealing in the industry.

“This press release is further to notify the general public that anyone who wishes to secure the services of the Artiste or to book the Artiste for events, shows or performances should contact the Label directly at “”.

“Kindly note that anyone who deals with or continues to deal with the Artiste or his Manager hereafter, without regard to the caveat contained in this release, does so at their own risk. Naturally, the Label reserves all of its legal and equitable rights and will not hesitate to exercise those rights to the fullest extent of the law.

“Date: 22nd May, 2021 For Anonymous Music.”

On Monday, May 24, 2021, a statement signed by Timz reads, “My attention has been drawn to the Press Release dated 22nd of May 2021 by Bad Boy Anonymous Music Ltd (also known as Anonymous Music) posted on various social media, suggesting the existence of an Artiste Performance and Recording Agreement as at today between myself and Anonymous Music.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the said contract has since been terminated. I exercised my right to terminate the contract after due notice of breach of contract by the music label as required under the contract and in accordance with law.

“The contents in the Press Release issued by the music label are false and deliberately made to distort facts surrounding the termination of the contract with the music label.

“It is important to state that the said Press Release is a confirmation that the music label did not only instigate the police to unlawfully arrest me in Abuja on the 17th of May 2021, but also posted a defamatory video (of the event of the that day) on a false, mischievous and baseless allegations concerning an issue of termination of contract, which is purely civil in nature.

“If the music label really had any genuine claim(s) after I had terminated the contract for obvious breach of the terms of the contract on their part, they ought to have approached the court for enforcement of their claims, rather than resort to the use of police to harass, intimidate, defame my character and violate my fundamental rights.

“My lawyers are at the moment taking all necessary legal steps in addressing the role of the sponsored policemen used by the music label and the unlawful actions of the promoters of the music label.

“For emphasis, I have terminated the contract between myself and the music label in accordance with the law. I therefore advise the general public to disregard the Press Release by the music label.”

Pulse will update you on further developments.


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