#BBNaija Reunion: Dorathy admits she gave BrightO a ‘Bl**w Job’ [Highlights]



Precious ‘Mamazeus’ Nwogu

Episode four of the ongoing Reunion show is as scandalous as they come.

Before we dish out the highlights of the latest episode, here is a quick disclaimer: You need something strong for this!

Talk about things we do for love or infatuation. The Dorathy, BrightO and Wathoni situation turned out to be more interesting than the audience envisaged. No thanks to Kayode ( a weird title Tweeps christened the camera crew).

What was intended as screen time for the former housemates to clear the air on their triangular chemistry rapidly degenerated to cussing and the shocking admission of beneath the sheet activities.

Dorathy finally cleared the air on Wathoni’s slip from the show’s second episode. She did give BrightO some mouth action while Wathoni was benevolent enough to change the sheets afterwards.

For BrightO, the intense session was never on his bucket list which explains why he ignored Dorathy the morning after. Not even a ‘how was your night?’

The boss lady had quite a lot to get off her chest no thanks to Praise’s alleged lack of longevity where it mattered.

Ka3na’s scandalous account of her situationship with Praise in the house ended after she invited him to her bed for a coitus session that may have ended happily for Praise but not for her.

She rapidly followed with details of more sexual activities outside the watchful eyes of Big Brother.

When Praise finally got the floor, he tried to maintain that the boss lady may have exaggerated her boss status as he did all the work. From behind. Praise also cleared the air on why they both discredited rumours that they did more beneath the sheets.

In summary, the night was more intense than the clips gave away. Viewers now know to keep their popcorn boxes refilled for upcoming episodes.


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