#BBNaijaReunion highlights


In case you missed details of how the Pribaj ship crashed, stick around for the highlights.

The latest episode of the Reunion show was dedicated to Prince and his thing for situationships and friendships.

With no recorded violence, we got ample time to catch all the juicy details of how the Prince and Tolanibaj ship hit rock bottom as well as how things got messy with Dorathy’s involvement.

Dorathy explains why she cut Prince off

By cutting off, we mean blocking him on social media platforms and his brother for good measure or so Prince claimed.

Dora, in her defense, accused Prince of being manipulative and insincere for the duration of their really adorable friendship. She claimed it took him weeks to the Reunion and reports that Tolanibaj might blow the cover on their situationship for him to inform her that they had sex.


Hold on! Apparently, Tolanibaj and Prince got very intimate shortly after his eviction. For some confusing reason, that hurt Dora’s feelings.

Tolanibaj explains beef with Dorathy

We are fine with calling it a simple case of a woman scorned but Tolanibaj had quite a lot to get off her chest primarily about how she felt disrespected by Prince’s relationship with Dorathy.

While Dora got flowers for her birthday, she never got anything from her boo even after they had been intimate. Pressure from fans constantly tagging her on their activities pushed her off the cliff and her way of getting back was to take swipes at Dorathy.

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The Lilo & Prince kiss

Tolanibaj also called out Prince for sharing a kiss with Lilo on the night of their All White party. She felt disrespected especially as it happened after their intimacy session.

According to Lilo, she had too much to drink at the party and made a move at Prince. The kiss which lasted less than “five seconds” was abruptly cut off by Prince who managed the situation like a gentleman.

Sadly, there was never a PRIBAJ

For the fans, this was quite shocking as the couple looked like they were ready to mend things right after Prince’s exit from the show especially with that viral video of their adorable kiss.


Prince dropped receipts on Tolanibaj that portrayed her as the proverbial scorned lady. He revealed that he never committed to a relationship with Tonibaj and made it clear from the moment they reconnected. However, she was obsessed with maintaining the Pribaj status and never publicly declared that they were never an item.


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