Beema releases debut single, ‘Unbelievable’


This comes a few weeks after he signed a juicy record deal with an international label, May Nine Records.

‘Unbelievable’ has Ghana-influenced production, straight from the pon pon sound while Beema’s vocals cut through with subtle sonorous essence. Topically, the song is filled with a come-up story, from the depths of the lower classes to driving Benzes, riding first-class flights and counting millions of dollars.

At the end of the Tee Mode-produced record, there is Fiokee‘s guitar session which blows minds. While there record could have been better with a Ghanaian feature, it still balances itself out. With the right marketing, this record could really catch fire on radio.

Beema, who hails from Sagamu, Ogun State has over the years horned his skills as a super-talented underground artist before gaining recognition, and signing his record deal out of thousands of entry.

The video was shot by The Alien.


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