Celebrate Africa Month with these titles on Netflix


Netflix has made available a dedicated collection of series, film, documentaries and comedy specials celebrating stories made in Africa, by talented African storytellers. There titles are available at netflix.com/madeinafrica and can be enjoyed by Netflix’s 208 million members across 190 countries.

As Ben Amadasun, Netflix’s Director of Content in Africa says, “We’re in the golden age of TV and as we celebrate Africa Month this month, there’s never been a better time to celebrate our stories and storytellers who have reclaimed the African narrative of showcasing the wide variety of stories from the continent. This collection will make it easier for our members around the world to discover their next favorite African show. We’re truly excited to be part of this energy and are committed to investing in Africa’s creative ecosystem long-term’.

Partnerships with Nollywood producers are a key dynamic in Netflix’s bid to take more African stories to the international market. Thus far, many favorites have been birthed from this partnership and Nigerians can be proud of the improved quality of local content.

In the Netflix Made in Africa collection, Nigerian favorites are available for the commemoration of Africa Day. Starting with recent productions like This Lady Called Life, Mama Drama, Seven and Therapy, Nigerians have ample options of what to add to their ‘Must Watch’ list. Additionally, those who want to enjoy the nostalgia of older favorites have titles like Lionheart, Isoken, Wedding Party 1 & 2, A Trip to Jamaica and Fifty to relish.

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