Dream Catchers Academy unveils new single “Je M’appelle”


Here, the Dream Catchers Girls want to help with releasing the everyday stress by extending a hand of friendship. DCA vocal rhythmic pattern is spread out over Joey’s artful production to gift us the Girls’ latest release and follow through to their single ‘Oyoyo’.

Je Mapelle is Dream Catchers Academy singing in celebration of friendship. They are extending happiness to leave you stress free. Brief and melodious, the song is easy to listen to with its modest production which makes it so tasteful to the ears.

Dream Catchers Academy is inspired by making change happen even in the smallest of ways, as they also seek support in streaming this amazing tune made with love. This is a song of hope and strength. “The meaning of our lives is dependent on how many lives we can impact through our art as indigent kids from Ikorodu.”


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