‘Fast and Furious 10’ gets a one-month delay


There is quite a bit already known regarding the plot of F10. The crew’s final ride will be split into two films; F10 & F11. Fast and Furious 11 will likely be released the following year as the two films will shoot right after the other.

Tyrese Gibson, who plays the hilarious Roman Pierce, revealed to collider, more info about the upcoming sequels. The actor revealed;

”I have definitely asked some questions about 10 and 11. It has been confirmed we are going to shoot back- to-back and get both in the can, which is interesting. I’m hearing that we’re going to touch a lot of continents between the two. I cannot say where, but a lot. The higher-ups that are involved in this franchise are specifically aware of the die-hard fans and supporters around the world. We all carry a particular torch of responsibility and knowing there is a beast, and we need to feed that beast and give them what they want, what they love, and what they’re used to”

Vin Diesel also wants Dwayne Johnson to reprise his role as Hobbs in the franchise and & ‘fulfil’ his destiny. Given the feud between the two and Dwayne Johnson’s apparently packed shooting schedule on several films, it’s too early to get our hopes up.

For the two final instalments, which Justin Lin will direct, It remains unknown whether John Cena will reprise his role as Toretto brother Jakob or if Charlize Theron will return as franchise villain Cipher. However, OG cast members Michelle Rodriguez, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, Sung Kang, Jordana Brewster, and Nathalie Emmanuel are expected to see this adventure to the end.


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