Halima Abubakar says she repeated a semester in university because of bullies


The movie star made this known while reacting to the news of the 12-year-old student who died after allegedly suffering from injuries sustained after being attacked by his seniors.

In a post shared via her Instagram page on Monday, December 6, 2021, the movie also revealed that a lot of actors experience bullying in Nollywood.

“The perpetrators should be brought out. And justice served .so Sylvester can have closure and finally Rest In Peace. Bullying is actually rampant. They keep covering it up. Am a border and I know how schools cover crimes in boarding school. #justiceforslyvester#saynotobullies🚫,” she wrote.

“They are right if you report, you snitched, beating, molestation, punishment from seniors or even your own mate. Kindly stop and talk to your kids. Many are hidden. Look even in Nollywood we have bullies and I will name them all.”

“I repeated a semester in BUK because of bullies. The movie star has joined the growing list of celebrities who have called for justice over the death of the child.”

Oromoni died after sustaining injuries following an alleged attack by seniors of the school.

He was admitted to a Lagos hospital on Friday, November 26, 2021, following the attack and confirmed dead on Tuesday.


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