Layzee Ella releases new single, ‘ Body On Me’


She identifies as an introvert and believes her outlook on life is greatly influenced by the books and music she was surrounded by from a tender age.

Ella is greatly inspired by her thoughts and her feelings. She wrote her first rap song about love at the age of 8, and found that music was a great outlet for all the emotions she felt even those she fully couldn’t understand.

Ella is still on her way to figuring out her sound, she doesn’t feel that she fits into any genre yet. She creates music depending on her mood at the time she is recording or listening to an instrumental.

Layzee Ella built her fan base by performing covers of popular songs like and posting them on her various social media accounts. She officially launched her music career in 2020 with the single, Sober. Sober was very popular amongst her fans making them even more eager to hear more of what she has in store.

On May 21st she released a new song Body on Me which is the first single off her upcoming EP titled “When The Lights Go Off.’

Her debut EP is also set to drop later in the year.


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