Money Heist finally reaches a conclusion


The Netflix series that has held the world’s attention for four seasons concludes with the latest instalment.

Netflix was in its bag when decided to make Money Heist for sure.

The Spanish thriller captured the hearts of audiences across the world. Not really taking off when it debuted in May 2017, it spread like wildfire when it however got on Netflix before it went on to become one of the most famous from the streaming service quickly.

With its string of captivating characters that sold their blotched stories to audiences across the globe who in turn idolized the characters in popular culture.

The story of a group of bandits that broke into the Spanish mint to secure a masterful payday served as the premise on which the show was primed.

Alongside characters that were named after locations across Europe that have been as iconic as the red overalls with Salvador Dali masks that became the insignia of the show over time, it was just an undisputable hit with even the English speaking audiences that were not always open to Spanish speaking movies and serials.

The show’s fifth season returns once again on Friday, December 3 and has been anticipated by fans who have been anticipating the show’s return for as long as the first volume has been around.

These last five episodes will however be the show’s last, concluding five seasons of breathtaking action that has kept fans engaged since Netflix brought it on.

The concluding episodes are:

Episode 6: “Escape Valve” (Valvulas de escape)

Episode 7: “Wishful Thinking” (Ciencia ilusionada)

Episode 8: “The Theory of Elegance” (La teoría de la elegancia)

Episode 9: “Pillow Talk” (Lo que se habla en la cama)

Episode 10: “A Family Tradition” (Una tradición familiar)

And they will be available on Netflix by the time you are reading this.

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