Music mogul Ubi Franklin says every time he is bullied online, he gets richer


The founder of TripleMG Record Label made this known during a chat with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin Minds.

“I ventured into many things so that my kids can live the best life. Some of my kids don’t live in Nigeria. These days I don’t go out to public places maybe just hang out with my friends just to reduce spending of money,” he said.

“For me, I wake every day asking myself I want to leave something for my kids and in them. I don’t buy that idea where people say I won’t leave anything for my kids, I’ll sell everything and go, no.”

“Some days I’m driving past the Law School in Lagos and wondering my dad attended this school in 1986 and didn’t buy the whole of this area. So if I’m thinking that way, I don’t want my kids to think the same way.”

The media mogul also revealed that he has been working on himself to be able to handle all the baby mamas drama around him.

“These days, if they tell me they (baby mamas) need this I don’t argue with them. Before I used to argue and ask them what they needed all those things for,” he said.

“Life is a journey and you need to experience it. A lot of young people have failed to realise that when you have a child with a woman, it doesn’t mean you are enemies. You need to understand these people.”

While giving an example of the time his son swallowed a coin during a visit to his house, Franklin said the situation made him understand the efforts his baby mamas put in raising his kids.

Ebuka asked Franklin how he handles cyber bullies who use his kids’ and baby mamas’ situations to troll him.

“I believe the relationship with your kids is personal. If you wake up and find out that your kids hear that you can’t take care of them or their mothers tell them stuff about you…lemme tell you money follows attention,”

“For every time they hit me on social media, I make money. Before when they hit me on social media I’d go into the room and cry then I noticed that whenever this happens, somebody that knows somebody that knows me is either buying a property from my company or booking an apartment.”

Franklin said as long as he is doing his duties as a father he is not bothered about the bullies on social media.


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