New York Asante chief says Twene Jonas has been reported to NYPD over his insults


During the interview seen, he however clarified that Asantehene has not called him to complain nor to take any action but it is the responsibility of people like him to defend the Asante Kingdom.

He should use the same medium he used to apologize if not I will buy him plane ticket to go to Manhyia to go and apologize,” he said.

Speaking Twi, he added that “I pity his mother and family, I don’t know if he has any, if he has any then I pity them because they should be to talk to him to apologize to Asnatehene so that we end this matter“.

According to him, if Jonas comes to see him, he would show him the way to handle this in best way. Expressing disappointed in Jonas’ way criticizing Ghanaian leaders, he said “if you want to make a name, it’s not by making a foolish name like this”.

Hear more from in the video below.


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