Nigel Gaisie invites infamous niece home and goes live on Facebook with her family


To make things clearer, he invited the lady named, Sandra Mantey, with her mother to his home where they had a Facebook live discussion about the video and their family.

The Facebook live conversation also featured the brothers of the man who also testified that the young lady is their niece.

Sharing a photo from their meeting, Nigel Gaisie wrote “Yehowah… It’s a family affair, one to the glory of God!! From left is Sister Lydia (Sandra’s mum and Sister of the Prophet Nigel Gaisie), standing right behind the prophet is the famous Sandra Ankobia Mantey (Prophets Niece), standing next to her is Christabel Ankobia Mantey (Sandra’s younger sister and niece of Prophet Nigel Gaisie), next to them is Mr Lawrence Offei and Mr Kofi Baah (Brothers of the Prophet) Grace makes the difference.“.

Sandra also apologized to the public and Nigel Gaisie’s church members over the video. “I am sorry the video came out, I am not the one who posted it, please forgive me,” she said.

Detailing how the video was recorded, she said “you were eating and I said I will do TikTok with you … I did it with you by force“.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie also added that those who think they use dubious means to stop him from prophesying will fail. Watch the Facebook Live conversation below and hear more from him.


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