Pornhub sued over alleged sharing of nonconsensual videos


The company has since denied all allegations

Dozens of women have filed a lawsuit against Pornhub and its parent company, MindGeek for allegedly monetizing videos depicting rape, child sexual exploitation, trafficking and other nonconsensual sexual content.

According to multiple reports, a recent complaint filed in the USA claims that the 34 plaintiffs were ” ignored, shamed, and sometimes mocked when they asked MindGeek to remove videos of their abuse from its porn platform.” 33 of the alleged victims opted to be anonymous while one agreed to be named.

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Although MindGeek has since denied the allegations, USA Today reports that the company revealed investigations are ongoing on the complaints as it has zero tolerance for illegal content.

Michael Bowe, the lawyer representing the alleged victims said the company “has operated like an old-school red-light district of commerce where rules that do apply and should be applied haven’t been applied.”

MindGeek owns over 100 pornographic websites, production companies and brands including Pornhub, RedTube, Tube8 and YouPorn.


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