‘Red Notice’ becomes the most-watched movie on Netflix!


According to Netflix reports, “Red Notice” garnered 328.8 million viewing hours, breaking the previous record held by 2018s thriller “Bird Box”, which had 282 million streaming hours.

Upon news of the comedy-action’s success, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to pop a champagne bottle. Sharing a screenshot of the news update, Johnson wrote in a caption,

“Holy sh*t 🤯 Breakin’ out the @teremana 💯🥃🥃 RED NOTICE is now the most-watched film in @netflix history, officially making it the #1 ALL-TIME MOVIE in streaming. Previous record held by BIRD BOX in 2018 with 282 million hours viewed. With still 11 days to go, RED NOTICE has been viewed for a staggering 328 MILLION HOURS. With an INCREDIBLE 92% GLOBAL AUDIENCE SCORE!! 🤯🌎🍿🍿🍿 And we have almost two weeks left of our global run to tally up these extraordinary and groundbreaking metrics. Love U guys, and THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏾”

“Red Notice,” tells the story of an FBI profiler played by Johnson, who must partner with the world’s greatest art thief [Reynolds] in a daring heist to catch a most-wanted criminal played by Gadot. The film, which stars Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, was produced by Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions and debuted on the streaming site earlier this month. According to Netflix, it remains in the top 10 films on the platform in 94 countries.

As far as celebrity appeal goes, Red Notice checks a lot of boxes — it stars Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), all of whom more or less play themselves — and had a massive $200 million budget to back it all up. But the film hasn’t achieved anywhere near the cultural cachet of Bird Box or Netflix’s more recent success Squid Game, which remains its most popular TV series debut to date. To say that Red Notice lacked the substance of either of the titles mentioned above would frankly be generous. Red Notice has some big-boom action fun, but that’s about as far as it gets.

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