REVIEW: Felukah – Kawkab EP


On May 31, 2021, she released a new four-track EP titled, Kawkab. In Arabic, ‘Kawkab’ is a masculine name which means ‘Star.’ Across the EP, Felukah serenades and dominates beats with her signature syrupy vocals and even her Hip-Hop reps on ‘Ascension.’ She also explores genres like Indie Rock and Pop-Rap, albeit while retaining dreamy soulful drools across all these genres.

In a statement, Abu Recordings notes that, “Conceptually, the EP explores 4 forces that give all creatures life on this planet; from selectivity in “PSA,” to power in identity with “What She Does,” craving growth in “Ascension” to finding stability in true love with “Love on the Comedown.”

“All songs on the EP are a joint collaboration with Mostafa Zaghloul, thus making “Kawkab” a planetary symbol of their love and life.”

While the EP is experimental, Felukah seems like a merger of SZA with Ravyn Lenae and Jean Deaux who makes music suitable for downtimes, petrichor moments and the sensual highs of life. Her music projects a convincing soft honesty, which betrays the hardened persona she tries to project on ‘PSA,’ even though her message resonates.

This is simply the best EP this writer has played in 2021. ‘Love On The Comedown’ is simply an incredible record.

Felukah makes music that you might find it hard to adequately classify, even though you realize how special she is.

Themes and Delivery: 1.9/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 2/2


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