The best and worst looks from this year’s Big Brother Naija Reunion


All the fashion do’s and don’ts from this year’s reunion show

Big Brother is back once again. The reality show that once connected hearts and minds across the continent on the timeline is finally back again for Season 4’s highly anticipated reunion which officially kicked off last week. Once again, our screens are graced with the past season’s vibrant contestants including Nengi, Dorathy, Ozo, Laycon, and Kiddwaya, although the star of the show is visibly AWOL.

This year, however, there’s no denying that we’re all watching and consuming Big Brother Naija in a totally different way from how we have experienced past seasons. For the past two weeks, Nigerians have been banned from connecting and accessing Twitter on local networks and major wifi service providers across the country. Twitter—a social media app that has become a melting pot for ideas from around the world—was a big part of the way we consumed reality tv. From shows like Love Island, Too Handle to Handle and even Big Brother Naija, it’s taken on a life of its own; affording viewers the ability to watch alongside friends and acquaintances, so that you’re ever ready to join in each episodes’ bout of memes and jokes. Without Twitter, those real-time moments and reactions can never be instantly received.

There’s notably been a dearth of reactions to the current season on many timelines—save for the few able to access the social media platform via VPNs. However, if you’re looking closely enough, you’ll certainly have caught a glimpse of the fashion conversations the premiere episode sparked last week. Viewers debated on who came dressed to kill and who needed to fire their stylist ASAP. To this end, our creative assistant, Ada Nwafor is starting off a new mini-column where she’ll be taking you through the sartorial hits and misses of the week. Stay tuned for all the hot takes!

Episode One

Hits of the week


A classic and chic look, you can never go wrong with a black dress and she definitely understood the assignment. Although, it was over-embellished and accessorised.


The color was an amazing choice for such an elegant but yet sexy dress. Although I wish the skin-like net would have fit better with her skin shade. Loved that her bust didn’t look overpowering, it was just well sewn and put together. A big fan of the slit. 


The best for the men and even some women for sure. Great color, amazing double breast suit. The fabric isn’t quite common, but this was on a league of its own. You’d think he was the host, and not Ebuka.

Miss of the week

Triky Tee

The worst thing about the outfit to me was the color. Not a good choice and the material didn’t make it any better.


It reminded me of power rangers with that overly exaggerated sleeve. The dangers of bright colors is that they show all the flaws and more. The fabric wasn’t bad, but I believe the cut and color worsened it. 


Puffed sleeves are not always a safe bet. The fabric made the dress so dull. The fit and styling weren’t any better. 

Episode 2

Hit of the week


Amazing colour and material choice fits like a glove, loved the fact that the hair was sleeked back and that’s how you do an exaggerated sleeve. Conservative yet very sexy and flattering.


I love that the tux fabric had subtle embellishments to it, and it wasn’t plain. The fit is everything. Black is always a classic.

Miss of the week


I’m finding it really difficult to like anything about this outfit. It’s just horrible and looks like a child’s outfit for church. The colour combo was horrendous, from the styling to the hair and the purple ruffles just didn’t make sense.

Tolani Baj

The suit wasn’t so bad but was extremely basic and it looked like she was going for a job interview/presentation. No effort or imagination. The fit wasn’t so great either.

Stay tuned!

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