Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay almost come to blows over 2-year old beef


Seemingly, this was the first time Savage and Shay have said hi to each other since Kizz Daniel’s viral #FvckYouChallenge in 2019, during which Shay and Victoria Kimani seemed to take aim at African Bad Gyal.

Eyewitnesses say that Shay went over to say hi to Ms. Savage, who rejected the pleasantries and chose the moment to air her grievances.

The two part video on Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page starts thus;

Savage: I’m quiet. I don’t want to respond properly, I don’t want to disgrace or embarass you. You or me because we grown, but don’t think you guys [you and Victoria Kimani] can do what you did…

Shay: I’m not going to listen to this. You got your facts wrong…

Savage: Listen, don’t come to me and think you can say hi to me with the dirty and disgusting spirit that you have X2. You think I’ve forgotten what you and Victoria Kimani did how many years ago? You think I can forget?

Shay: Tiwa, what about the things you have done? I’m not like you, I’m not going to do that.

Then a ruckus ensues as the camera fails to capture footage. But it seems like both vixens were ready to go at each other, especially Tiwa Savage. The conversation resumes;

Savage: If you have the nerve, open it.

Shay: Open what? I’m not petty.

Savage: I’m petty. Open it!!! Open it [sounds like a physical confrontation] Shebi it’s you that said you wanted to open my nyash now. See open it!

Shay: I am not gonna do that.

Savage: Listen, on my son [Jamil]… On my child, [says that “I gave birth to” in Yoruba], I will never.. God should take my child if I have ever said anything about you or Victoria Kimani. Bitch I’m made, I have money, I have nothing to take from you. I’m not going to be hired for a show and…

Shay: You think that’s what it is, Tiwa?

Savage Interjects: I have never said anything else.

Shay resumes: If you wanna start acting up and acting like an agbaya right now. Carry on…

Savage interjects again: I have never taken a job from you, I have never gone on radio…

Shay: I only wanted to squash…

Savage: Don’t try and squash shit by saying hi, try and squash shit by calling me on the phone to discuss it… No ma nigga, you did a whole song. You and that bitch did a whole song; you and that bitch did a whole song. You went on interviews, you said shit, I didn’t say anything.

Shay: I went on interviews and said shit? Tiwa, let me not open your nyash here, please.

Savage: Open itttt! Your nyash is the dirtiest in this industry, you fucking whore. *Says in Yoruba* There’s nothing I’ve done in this world that I regret. There’s nothing, everybody knows I work hard for my shit. Look at you, you look half dead. You need to mind your business, to get a clearer skin.

[A chorus of “Whore!” ensues in the background]

In January 2019, Nigerian star, Kizz Daniel started a viral challenge tagged #FvckYouChallenge. The song it came with was a purge for Daniel, who addressed a cheating ex with some serious bouts of warranted slut shaming. The challenge was then propelled by other celebrities like Tiwa, Seyi Shay and Kimani.

In her March 2019 song, Savage chronicled the affairs of a cheating ex whom she sent to Canada with her money. She also sang about how that ex who still owes Club Xscape – a Lagos nightclub – money for 50 bottles. At the time, many rumoured that shots on the song were aimed at her ex-husband, Tunji Balogun, but those claims were quickly dismissed.

The following month, Kenyan singer who was formerly signed to Chocolate City jumped on the challenge and rolled out disses for YCee and Tiwa Savage.

Her Tiwa Savage diss goes;

“Grandma African Bad Girl

Turning 45 you still think that you a bad girl

You can block me from a show but can’t block His blessings.

We all know you selling pussy and it’s so depressing

Whoa and it’s so depressing, Whoa you so fucking messy…

The same month, Seyi Shay also took aim at Tiwa Savage with her verse;

You say you be my sister, but you wan collect my lover

You be deceiver, olofofo heart robber

Na why I no dey fuck you anymore

I no get time for you anymore

You know I’m not Savage, I dey pay my bills

You no go see my name for the Xscape

But [Prostitute] come be your hobby

Na so you come take first rate their hobby…

Like Kimani, Shay also appeared to take shots at Savage for allegedly trying to block other women in the industry.

She ended her verse with;

At the time, Tiwa Savage didn’t respond directly, she only flexed her wealth by posting a new car. Shay never directly responded to the claims in interviews while Kimani came back to Twitter for another drama in August of the same year during the beef between Vector and MI Abaga, where Abaga’s time as CEO of Chocolate City was referenced in ‘Judas, The Rat.’

Unconfirmed rumours have swirled since that Wizkid is the crux of the diss between these beautiful women of Nigerian music.

In 2015, unconfirmed rumours swirled that Kimani was the source of the breakup between Wizkid and Tania Omotayo, his then girlfriend. A picture on the internet has since confirmed that Wizkid and Kimani might have remotely known each other.

You might recall that between 2018 and December 2019, there were public hints of sizzling fr-omance between Wizkid and Savage. They even appeared together in Wizkid’s video for ‘Fever,’ which all but broke Nigerian internet.

During her tell-all interview with Ebuka on BlackBoxInterview, Savage directly responded to Kimani for the first time.

Savage: I was really really hurt with the Victoria Kimani situation. I was really hurt. Like, I know a lot of people came out and fought for me.

Ebuka: What about it hurt you?

Savage: I’ve met her maybe twice or three times in my entire career and I’ve always just been like “Heeey, how are you?” so that came out of nowhere. Like, I was…you know when someone knocks you out.

Like I was not even prepared to defend myself. And I always used to tell China who is like a sister to me, she does my hair, I always used to go on her (Victoria Kimani’s) page and be like “Yo, look how she mixed this socks with this skirt”. Like I always used to admire her fashion, like even just the way she does her makeup like she had this kinda Asian I don’t know what it was – it was just cool.

I just felt stupid. This is someone like everywhere I go I would say like oh, fashion wise, I love how she dresses and I love her vocals. I used to sing “Kimani killing show immediately”. Like, I’ve done snaps of that. So I was just like what happened? Till today, I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I don’t know where that came from. It was bad. She literally called my name in the song and I just got my car and she was insinuating that it was some old man that I was seeing. Ha! You’re in the industry.

I mean, I don’t even think as big as Wiz or Burna or David is they can tell a promoter you cannot put this other person in the show…how? How do I have that power? I’m trying to be on the show. I’ve never even had that conversation with anyone. Man, it was painful for someone I really really liked. That I genuinely supported.

Ebuka: Where do you think that came from?

Savage: I still don’t know because I went off. Initially I thought it was from Kpolo cuz that’s what they mentioned and they were like promoters promoters but it was only one promoter they were mentioning. Say who these people are, I would personally call them out. Like, who are these people? It can’t be anyone from my team and if it is, that person is getting fired immediately. I spoke to Kpolo and he was just as shocked.

He said no, he never said that. So I still, I really don’t know. Which promoter said that I said that? Or I’ll tell radio stations that they can’t play any other female songs? How? (laughs). A radio station? How? Even if I was Tiwa Adeleke and I had that kind of money I don’t think I have enough money to pay a radio station not to play other people’s records.

So why can’t I stop Teni, or Tems, or Simi or Yemi Alade? Like do you get what I’m saying? I don’t know where that came from. That really hurt. I was in my room just confused for days.


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