Ubi Franklin’s 4th baby mama Sandra Iheuwa drags him on Instagram


In a lengthy post shared via her Instagram page on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, Iheuwa warned Franklin to stop posting photos of their daughter on his Instagram page.

“Do not post my daughter on anywhere on anywhere on your platform. You have never provided for her since she was born and up to till this moment, not a single kobo, even when you had access to her you still didn’t bring a single kobo,” she wrote.

She said won’t allow anybody to take the glory of raising her daughter.

It didn’t end there as she threatened to file a suit against the music exec in the United States.

“If I take it there and file for child support in the US from the day she was born, you will pay through your nose and if you can’t pay, you’ll face jail time, if you ever enter the US,” she warned.

Iheuwa also disclosed that her family had had enough of Franklin’s insults. She also warned those describing her as ‘bitter’ to back off as it hasn’t been easy raising a child without anyone’s help.

This is not the first time Franklin and Iheuwa would be fighting dirty on social media over their daughter.

“I have every right to put a call across to all the mothers of my kids to be sure they are fine and possible opportunity to see my kids. I cannot basically reach a 2year old without the assistance of her mum, and for months it has been impossible,” he said.

Iheuwa is Franklin’s fourth baby mama and they have a daughter, Ariel, together.


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