Waje speaks on single parenthood


The music star made this known during a chat with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin Minds.

According to Waje, parenting has no manual especially for single parents as it is just a lifestyle.

“In Parenting, there I usually no handbook to tell you what to do, you just know that with some of the experiences you had, you just want to lay the right foundation for your child when it comes to character, principles and the way they behave,” she said.

“It’s not a job because when you ask me how I do it, I just do it, music is a job, acting is a job but a parent is who I am. I just do it. Looking at her now in final year and I’m like wow na me get this one.”

When asked how being a mother has affected her career, Waje said there are some choices she had to make.

“There were some things I couldn’t do. There were times I’d see something I really liked but couldn’t get it because you are always going to start thinking about your child,” she said.

“Some brands you couldn’t collaborate with because you had to been seen as a family person whether you are single or not. Even in my personal life, whoever I was in a relationship with, was not allowed to come into my house.”

“Parenting is that sacred. Children don’t do what you tell them to do, they do what they see. So you always have to be sure you have those boundaries.”

Ebuka asked the music star if the perception between single dads and moms in the entertainment industry is rated as the same.

For Waje it has never been the same because there aren’t a lot of single dads in the industry with their kids living with them.

“I’ll tell you the truth Ebuka, the one time my daughter saw me drunk was the time I had to check myself. This was in 2013 and you know how you attend several events, one drink here, one drink there, and it was my daughter who opened the door. It is not a site any parent would want.”


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